Mixed media installation with video loops– 2018

Over the course of a year and a half media artists Monika Czyzyk and Torsten Zenas Burns participated in three residency programs including Signal Culture in Upstate, NY and Escape Residency on Vartiosaari island located in Helsinki, Finland


During these experiences the two collaborators explored through video recordings a variety of speculative relationship fictions between

post-humans and their evolving environments.


Currently Czyzyk and Burns have played with the idea of creating fictional migrating residency program called Monstersweet.


Within this mobile studio program they have collaborated with global Monstersweet residents in over seven countries including China, Mexico and Cuba filming ambiguous stories and communication rituals enacted by a diverse of group of Humanimals.

The captured video scenes, both grotesque and humorous explore reimagined biologies and intimate mini portraits of a changing world.